Gameplay trailer

Cliff shader

Clouds shader

Pok´our is a fast-paced speedrunner game that combines the old mesoamerican ball sport "Pok-Ta-Pok" and parkour. This is a four-week game project at Futuregames. I had the opportunity to work with talented students. My role was to work on everything that includes the environment such as the cliffs, foliages, some props, Clouds, shaders, and also mad some level design and the final lighting & post-process.

Period: 4 weeks
Team Size: 12 (3, 3D artists)

3D artists:

Albin Thunström: www.albinthunstrom.com
Julia Noblía: www.julianoblia.artstation.com


Sebastian Lund: https://www.sebastianlund.net
Johan Hyberg: https://www.johanhyberg.com
Ivan Bulygin


Robin Ortryd: https://robinortryd.com
Uhuru McCray
Samuel Gustafsson

2D artists:

Fredrik Lindau
Vanessa Hedman: vanessahedman.myportfolio.com
Victor Bohlin